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David Elrod & Associates, Inc.

David Elrod & Associates, Inc. provides appraisal and valuation services for mortgage lenders, attorneys, developers and individuals needing professional help in answering complex real estate questions.

Understanding the client's need and then developing a plan of action is the beginning of the appraisal or valuation process. The needs of a mortgage lender are much different than the needs of an attorney in a courtroom with a judge and jury. Developers typically want information about demand and supply factors, where individual owners generally are interested in specific value questions about their home or business properties.

At times a full appraisal is more than the problem calls for. Understanding this, and having the ability to complete a Broker's Price Opinon (BPO) or a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) can often save my client's money while still providing the answers to their real estate related questions.

Because I work with these and others needing appraisal and valuation services, I understand the problems they face. Listening to the client and then developing a plan of action to solve the problem is the focal point of how I do real estate appraisals and valuation services.

Appraisal & Valuation Services

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