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David Elrod & Associates, Inc.

Attorneys and executors, charged with the responsibility of settling an estate after a person's death, often need expert advice and consultation about the real estate assets involved in the estate.

Consulting for estate-related property requires knowledge, professional experience, and good people skills to answer these real estate questions and concerns. The appraisal of the real estate can be used to determine the property value for estate taxes, settlement between heirs, and final distribution of the assets. Sometimes, expert witness testimony is required to answer questions about the property's value in court.

When the estate must be settled by selling the real estate assets, David Elrod and RE/MAX Legends are ready and available to provide the professional help needed to solve this need.

I offer these professional real estate services. Listening to my client and providing the best solution to their real estate problem is the foundation of my professional service.


Estate & Probate Services

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