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David Elrod & Associates, Inc.

I offer expert witness testimony for clients involved with the legal issues of real estate ownership. Being well-prepared, professional in attitude and appearance, knowledgeable about the subject matter, credible, and honest are the basis of this service.

I continually work to ensure that my appraisals are accurate, thorough, complete, and unbiased. I often work with the client's attorney, in a team effort, by informing them about pertinent appraisal terminology, theory, and techniques to ensure that the appraisal facts are presented fairly and effectively.

An appraiser expert witness must be able to articulate the facts and the reasoning that led to his opinion of value. Explaining the “why” can, at times, be more difficult than simply determining the value. When possible, exhibits and photos provide excellent visual reasons to explain the “why” for judge and jury alike.

I have been professionally successful in Fulton, Gwinnett, and Barrow county courtrooms and I am available for real estate related cases in the Metro-Atlanta market area.


Expert Witness Service

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